Hosting a house concert sounds like an ordeal, but it’s really as simple as inviting some friends over to your house for the evening. The only things that really fall on you as a host are who you invite, if you want to provide drinks and snacks, and if you’re cool with me staying at your place that night! Here’s how the afternoon/evening usually goes:

·    I’ll arrive about an hour or so before people start to arrive in order to set up my “stage” (just me, my guitar, and occasionally a small acoustic amplifier)

·    We’ll hang out until your friends get there and the show rolls around

·    The show happens!

·    We all hang out until you decide it’s time for everyone to go home

That’s all there is to it! Just fill out the form below to get the conversation going and we’ll work out the details!

House Concert Form

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Dates in Mind
Suggested Donation: Typically a $10-15 suggested donation at the door Free + Guarantee: Free for the guests by your generosity!

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